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Released: 18th March 2002.

George Michael's latest re-invention looks likely to propel him back to the higher reaches of the chart. Many may agree that it's all thanks to its eyebrow raising video, but the truth is it's a strong song with addictive beats that will remain in your consciousness for ages. George returns on top form and ensures that even though he's older than the average pop star, he's far cooler.

* * * * * (CJB)

"Freeek!" is literally a mish-mash of various sounds, and the words are a little difficult to make out apart from the obvious ones you wouldn't want your Granny to hear! It's a catchy tune and should make the Top 3. However, that may not be enough for the record company who could be offering George an album deal if all goes well.

* * * (Melissa Baines)

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