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Released: 8th May 2000.

Tom Jones And Mousse T - Sex BombTom Jones is back with another excellent single from his "Reload" duets album. This time he's gone all dance on us, with this fun, funky little number which is destined for the Top 5. It just goes to show that sometimes talent actually does work rather than looks and dance routines.

* * * * (Tom Hall)

After three amazing singles taken from the "Reload" album, Tom finally releases what is arguably the best track on the album... but with an unwelcome twist. Swapping the cool, sexy production for a Eurovision-style, B-side worthy remix, the track somewhat loses a lot of its appeal. OK, so it's not awful, but it's a far throw from the brilliance of the album version, and why they chose this over it we're unlikely to ever know!

* * * (DS)

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