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Released: 29th April 2002.

Mary J. Blige - No More DramaFresh from a world tour, Mary J releases the title track from her current album. Whilst other singles from this album have kept the clubs happy, this release showcases the raw emotion this lady possesses. Though the track, with its distinctive piano intro and powerful crescendo, centres on life's negativity, it emits a strong feeling of hope and determination, which will undoubtedly touch a lot of people. A breath of fresh air in the charts and a highlight in the career of a very talented and passionate artist.

* * * * * (CJB)

After the fantastic successes of "Family Affair" and "Dance For Me", hip-hop diva Mary J follows them up with another mid-tempo smash! Stealing the theme from US soap "The Young & The Restless" to remarkable effect, Ms. Blige appealingly teaches us, through rap and power-singing, about life's big dramas. P. Diddy and Mariah Carey briefly appear in the video, which is as insanely irresistible as the song itself.

* * * * (Muzikritik)

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