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Released: 29th April 2002.

Holly Valance - Kiss KissRarely does the transition from soap actor to pop star result in the same success achieved by Kylie. However, another "Neighbour" looks likely to share her limelight. Teamed with a stunning video, the debut single from Holly Valance, AKA Flick, has the No. 1 spot clearly in its sight. "Kiss Kiss" is an upbeat, eastern-flavoured pop song from the people who have created hits for the likes of J-Lo, and is shaping up to be a summer anthem. Although Holly doesn't show off her full vocal capabilities here, she couldn't have wished for a better launch.

* * * * * (CJB)

Take a very poor, very tacky Turkish party 'classic', add some English lyrics and some 'cutting edge' (I'm being sarcastic) production, and you've got this - the single of the year. Sorry, the >video of the year. Why? Because all this is simply a vehicle for ex-Neighbours star (oh, she must be good then!) Holly Valance to look sexy with lasers over her breasts. Watch this video on mute and play some good music over it.

* (Tom Hall)

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