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Released: 8th May 2000.

Heather's Small's much-heralded solo excursion is launched this week with the title track from forthcoming album. She's been at pains to say her solo work is just a chance to express some personal issues and doesn't spell the end for M People, and if this track is an example, then she certainly hasn't strayed too far in terms of style. Heather's trademark vocals backed by a gospel choir, and lyrics to give us all something to think about, should bring her her first solo hit without too much trouble.

* * * * (Janet Valentine)

M People are great, but this song surely won't do Ms Small as 'proud' as it could. Let's be honest, it sounds pre-packed, very similar to other M People stuff, and doesn't live up to expectations. Want to know what it sounds like? Just put on any of your old M People albums and you're pretty much there. She's talented and deserves to do better, but this really isn't that good at all!

* * (DS)

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