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Released: 10th June 2002.

Nickelback have the best selling single and album of the year so far by a group, but when "How You Remind Me" was released, everyone said they would be a one-hit-wonder, incapable of following it up. Therefore for a second single, Chad goes solo on a track not featured on "Silver Side Up", but instead taken from the movie of the moment, "Spider-Man". It pretty much takes up where "How You Remind Me" left off - another powerful rock anthem with Chad's naturally powerful vocals. With additional help from three members of other bands to form the supergroup, this should easily be another Top 10 hit and could even be Top 5.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

The lead single from this Summer's smash movie "Spider-Man" comes from the man who recently led Nickelback to huge success with "How You Remind Me". Chad Kroeger teams up with some guy I've never heard of to release "Hero", an epic guitar and strings ballad which is sure to chart highly. This track may not be as big as "How you Remind Me", but will definitely appeal to music fans across the board.

* * * * (CJB)

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