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Released: 10th June 2002.

This is another great rap tune from the Atlanta-born superstar and is the follow up to "What's You're Fantasy". It has a really catchy beat, but the one bad thing about the song is that it doesn't have much of a tune. The lyrics are very effective and the video is great (with the whole big head/skinny body image), but due to the poor tune it may just miss out on the Top 10, even though it's had a hell of a lot of airplay.

* * * * (Deadman)

Following a big rescheduling of release, this rap tune has been kicking around for ages, yet it still has a fresh sound which is perfect for the Summer months ahead. Quirkier than past efforts from the rapper, who has so far received his biggest success appearing on Missy Elliot's "One Minute Man", "Rollout" is sure to be a hit with urban music fans, but is unlikely to crossover. The chorus is very repetitive and the song as a whole doesn't go very far, but if you're into light hip-hop beats then you won't be disappointed.

* * * (CJB)

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