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Released: 15th July 2002.

Beyoncé - Work It OutThe Destiny's Child lead singer releases her debut solo single from the Austin Powers 3 soundtrack. If nothing else, you can't say she doesn't keep us guessing! This homage to the 70s sounds little like anything else released in ages; even the production from the reliable Neptunes is almost unrecognisable. Beyoncé's long-awaited solo career seems to be shaping up to be unmissable, although slightly unpredictable, and with the usual top-notch vocals and fresh ideas she'll be around for years to come.

* * * * (CJB)

From the soundtrack to the new Austin Powers film, Destiny's Child's lead singer Beyoncé Knowles sings extremely powerfully on her debut solo release "Work It Out". The production is particularly distinctive and impressive, but lyrically the song isn't very good. It becomes tedious after a few plays and is too similar to Destiny's Child's work.

* * * (Paul Matthews)

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