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Released: 15th July 2002.

This home-grown male solo singer has been tipped as the next big thing, but his debut release seems too tentative to really make an impact. Although a self-confessed urban music fan, DMac's "World She Knows" sits firmly in the confused territory of pop/R&B and isn't bold enough to commit to either. The artist doesn't seem to offer anything fresh with this half-hearted effort, which may pass us by with little threat to the Top 10.

* * (CJB)

The debut single from Glaswegian DMac, formerly part of boy band Mero, isn't the most original or distinctive song out at the moment. The lyrics are slightly clichéd but aren't bad; however, DMac shows little power or enthusiasm through his vocals. Overall, it is bland and forgettable, and the production does the song no favours.

* (Paul Matthews)

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