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Released: 5th August 2002.

Angelle - Joy And Pain22-year-old Angelle has had a lot of exposure due to the fact her boyfriend has launched a channel to promote her music on the bandwidth he'll be using for a shopping channel later this year. For two months, programmes all about her have been on a loop, and we've been updated with her progress. I must admit it's compulsive viewing, but the truth is, most of her songs are rubbish - and I should think I know her whole repertoire by now! Her first single isn't that bad actually, it grows on you after a while so it could do reasonably well, but I don't see her lasting very long. Will be interesting to see how it charts!

* * * (Ben Cook)

Promotion for this single has been somewhat unusual. There are adverts for Angelle on the likes of The Box, Smash Hits TV, Kiss TV etc every other hour, and to top it all off, she even has her own Sky TV channel! As for the song, musically it's very good - an extremely catchy, energy-filled pop/trance sort of track. Vocally, however, is where it loses out - Angelle's singing is a little on the weak side, and she doesn't have one of the best voices ever. Having said that, this isn't really the type of song that could show off anyone's vocals that well.

* * * (Amir)

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