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Released: 12th August 2002.

Daniel Bedingfield - James Dean (I Wanna Know)"Gotta Get Thru This" established Daniel Bedingfield as a household name, but he's tried a completely different formula for the follow up. While "James Dean" seems rather jaded on the first few plays, the song does become quite infectious. His vocals work with the song very well, but it isn't as strong as the debut, and it won't do nearly as well in the chart. A Top 5 position is still likely though.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

The guy with the squeaky voice who brought us the No. 1 "Gotta Get Thru This" finally gets around to releasing a second single, and it's a shocking departure from the first. Gone are the garage beats which have ruled the clubs for months, in favour of a much more poppy sound. Unfortunately this doesn't do much for his credibility, and it's difficult to predict the success of a single which can only be described as so so.

* * (CJB)

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