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Released: 6th July 2009.

Well, to begin with, this song was written by Ryan Tedder. Thus, one would assume it would be pretty good. Well, you're wrong. The song is not "pretty good", it is downright amazing! This song is definitely one of, if not THE best song of 2009. From the steady build up of the verses to the powerful, energized chorus, and well, let's not forget about one of the strongest lines I've ever heard "Guess you better go get your armor." All in all, Ms. Sparks can be sure of one thing, no make that two things. One, she can be sure of a #1 hit in this song and two, she can be sure of a long, fruitful career if she continues to sing songs of this nature.

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

Known as the winner of the season 6th American Idol, Jordin Sparks tries to make a comeback with her new album this summer. "Battlefield", another amazing Ryan Tedder production was chosen as the first single. With its pop-rock influences, this song sounds very different from her lovely R&B/pop style. For me, the "Guess you better go and get your armour" part is the strongest line of the song and it's really catching your attention. I think it will go straight to number one and become a smash hit this summer. Jordin Sparks is not that lovely young girl anymore, now she's a diva!

* * * * * (abi)

It's good that Jordin Sparks prepared a fantastic new single for summer evenings. After the successful "Tattoo", "One Step At A Time" and smash #3 hit "No Air" duetting with Chris Brown, our expectations were big, but her new proposition "Battlefield" is better than her previous singles! Great music, lyrics and most importantly, Jordin's absolutely amazing voice! I hope the next singles from her new album will be also sensational.

* * * * * (Marshall)

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