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Released: 22nd May 2000.

Kick Angel - MisunderstoodFrom the label that brought us Eternal and the Honeyz comes, yep, another girl group. The vocals on this track, while competent, fall a little short of remarkable. Just as well then, that I've already been seduced by the strings on the intro, leading into a perfectly written and produced song that will find its way into the hearts of all but the most hardened pop-hater.

* * * * (Lars Janssen)

OK, there's been a bit of a hype about this song just recently, and everyone seems to think it's going to do really well. That is, everyone except me it seems. Let's be honest, this is an average song with weak, watery vocals, and a relatively boring tune. They don't seem particularly special at the moment, though that may change. Or they might just blend in with the other 32 girl groups expected to release singles this year!

* * * (DS)

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