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Released: 19th August 2002.

Boniface - CheekyWith a little help from R&B supremo Adam F and New York rapper Lady Luck comes the debut joint from the UK's equivalent to Usher. "Cheeky" is a hard-hitting urban pop tune which is likely to have crossover appeal. Whilst the production, which is typical of Adam F's recent album "KAOS", has won over the R&B crowd, teenage girls have been swooning over this young lad's moves... and he doesn't have a bad voice either. Best heard at full blast!

* * * * (CJB)

"The UK's answer to Usher"? No. For Boniface's debut single he's hooked up with producer Adam F and rapper Lady Luck to give him some urban credibility, which will ensure him at least a Top 15 hit. However, "Cheeky" lacks any originality whatsoever, and lyrically it sounds like it was written by his younger sister. "Hotter than an iron in a steaming room". Hmmm, sorry Bruce but you're not. Maybe the name change was a clever idea, but this awful debut single isn't. Boniface will be lucky to reach a second album, and there is no chance of a third.

* * (Ryan Simmonds)

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