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Released: 27th July 2009.

First appearing on "Blackout", Britney's 2007 Under-promoted, under-appreciated and under-performing record, a contractual obligation led the song onto "Circus", her 2008 follow up, as a bonus track. This of course begs the question of its worth as a single. Well, for starters, the innovative styling and production on "Blackout" ensures that "Radar" still sounds fresh and spunky, despite the fact that it is possibly three years old. The frustrating thing is, despite Britney's comeback being in full swing, her pre-occupation with her mega-successful tour has left the track with a poor video, no live performances, and many radio statios unwilling to play the track, due to it having substantial rotation in 2008. Of course, this inevitably means that "Radar" will follow the fate of "Circus" and "If U Seek Amy", possibly becoming her lowest peaking single ever. One just wishes Miss Spears put in a little more effort into promotion.

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