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Released: 19th August 2002.

Here's the UK's very own Ricky Martin, Rick Guard, with his debut single "Stop It (I Like It!)". The song is great - it's upbeat and very sexy, and the video is quite a handful too! This song probably won't get into the Top 10, but will most likely make the Top 20, thanks to the ultra-catchy chorus.

* * * * (Joshua Mackle)

Think of a karaoke cover of a Ricky Martin song, and the result is Rick Guard with his debut single "Stop It (I like It!)". More of a club singer than a Latin heart throb, Rick's debut single is the pinnacle of tacky summer songs. Complete with an appalling video to match its poor quality, I have my fingers crossed that this will flop badly so we'll never have to hear the name Rick Guard again. Unfortunately the British public have let me down too many times.

* (CJB)

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