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Released: 22nd May 2000.

S Club 7 - ReachThe 'new sound' from the S Club. Except it's not new, we've heard it all before. The catchy Motown feel-good vibe is very reminiscent of past singles, but who cares, as this is a great summer pop song. From what I've heard of new album "7", there are more adventurous sounds on to come, but this will keep us going for now.

* * * * (David Lucas)

If you liked their stuff from the first album, then you'll probably like this. S Club 7 play it safe with the first single from their second album, but it won't take you long to realise that it's actually very similar to their previous stuff. They take a slightly more R&B direction on it at least, but it still lacks originality.

* * * (DS)

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