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Released: 23rd November 2009.

Mimi returns with the lead single for the UK of her latest studio album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" as she covers the timeless 1984 classic by Foreigner and despite the mixed fan reaction, in my opinion she pulls it off very well. She softly caresses the first chorus with her whispery register but the tension of the song really builds up during the second verse as she really puts in emotion. By the time the second chorus comes on she's in full swing in her belting register and eventually she ends the song with the whistle of her life as it abruptly fades out. It's not as long as the original, which is a bit of a let down, however you really appreciate Mariah's rendition of the song, so on the whole it's a fair attempt, with a formidable whistle note at the end.

* * * * (SG1401)

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