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Released: 16th September 2002.

What we have here is a great track. An all round top song with great vocals, a great tune, a rhythmic beat and an amazingly hot video. Janet has a brilliant voice and she only proves it further with this song. It's all been put together well and it deserves to be a big hit - hopefully it will make the Top 3.

* * * * * (Deadman)

Following collaborations with Mya and Jamelia, the reggae MC teams up with one of the world's best singers for a simple, Neptune's produced jam. All three involved parties contribute the sounds and styles that work best for them, and it makes for a pretty good combination. Unfortunately the song doesn't seem to go very far, and Beenie seems to be an acquired taste I have yet to develop. Would work well as background music on a warm summer evening, but instead will regrettably remind us of the current lack of sunshine!

* * * (CJB)

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