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Released: 7th June 2010.

Christina Aguilera, dubbed as "C/X", (her new alter-ego) is back with 4th studio album "Bionic" which sees her elevate her music in a more electronic-based direction and sees her go back to her pop roots after the jazz-age inspired album "Back to Basics".

The album cleverly fuses electronic influences with the "Christina" sound, and sees Christina use her voice in different ways that we have heard before, and my it is very interesting to hear.

"Bionic" opens with the sonically charged, ska-tinged eye-opening title track produced by Switch, and packs a one-two punch with house-influenced, jungle-madness single "Not Myself Tonight". The album continues with the in-your-face punchy uptempo tracks with a slice of urban-robotic-dancehall called "Woohoo", a song about lady-parts. Well, we shouldn't be surprised here! This is Christina Aguilera! Then follows the album highlight, "Elastic Love". The blippy choppy M.I.A. collaboration sounds so fresh and mind-blowing to the ears, with clever lyrics connecting stationary and love.

The album continues to get stronger with the latin flair of "Desnudate", her most instrumental-based song ever! The icy minimal sounds of "Glam" work tremendously well with Christina's signature belts. "Prima Donna" concludes the uptempo section of the album with a punchy-wailing anthemic concoction of urban-electro-pop.

Christina shows us why she's so x-rated again, with a serving of R&B slow jams "Morning Dessert" and "Sex For Breakfast". Her most explicit lyrics yet.

Then follows the moving ballads section where Christina's voice really shines. "Lift Me Up" is the most atmospheric track of the album. Amazing melodies. "All I Need" and "I Am" are very energetic for ballads. It reminds me of a whirring dreaming brain, or the robotic side of her face as shown in the album art. The strongest ballad "You Lost Me" is a tear-jerking epic ballad.

Christina juvenile tongue-in-cheek side appears now with the stadium sounds of "I Hate Boys", and Peaches joins the ride on the fantastic Le Tigre produced "My Girls", and concludes the album with "Vanity", a wacky, thumping pumping track with hilarious lyrics.

The deluxe version contains 5 extra tracks. 1 being a stripped version of "I Am". "Monday Morning" has a UK-indie sound with catchy chants weaved through the song. "Bobblehead" sees Christina dabble in rap, very interesting. Ladytron produced "Birds of Prey" is a haunting, vibrating song where Christina sounds almost evil. "Stronger Than Ever" is an uplifting ballad.

Overall, its a great body of work. Christina really shows her variety as a singer and her musicality with a successful mish-mash of sounds. Highly recommended!

* * * * * (Bhaggers)

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