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Released: 4th February 2013.

Little Mix - Change Your LifeThe 2011 victors of the eighth installment of the popular British talent show "The X-Factor", Little Mix won over audiences with their seamless harmonies, family-friendly image, and sugary sweet vocals. They seem primed for transatlantic success but is fourth single "Change Your Life" any good?

Well, it's more than good, it's actually rather fantastic! The song is led off with a half-sung, half-spoken verse but it isn't long until the tempo completely switches and we're led into a catchy, euphoric chorus of grand proportions. Their vocals, as always, blend so perfectly on this motivational anthem and the song is sure to make quite the impression on the British market. Their male counterparts, One Direction, have practically taken over the US and with quality radio-friendly stuff like this, Little Mix seem poised to follow in their footsteps. It's been quite some time since a British girl group have cracked the US market but that glaring vacancy is looking to be filled and soon too!

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

For their third single, Little Mix have repeated what they did with 'Wings' and 'DNA' - they have rehashed a whole bunch of other current songs and blended them together to create something generic, but catchy.

There is nothing about 'Change Your Life' we haven't heard before, and that already makes it sound dated. The piano intro, whilst great, sounds like something you'd hear on an Emeli Sande or Labrinth record and the life-changing chorus is reminiscent of Sugababes (line-up #3 I think!).

However, despite these criticisms, 'Change Your Life' is probably the group's most mature effort to date and is the kind of song you'd have expected from them had you watched their progress on 'The X Factor'. As stated already, the song is incredibly catchy and concise, much more so than the complicated and poorly structured 'DNA'. The vocals are good - not great; and the same can be said about the lyrics, but when paired with the beautiful music, it all fits together so perfectly. As we find our feet in the new year, a song like 'Change Your Life' is very relevant and deserves to be another hit for the girls.

* * * * (biscuits)

With their third single, 2011 X Factor winners Little Mix have decided to go upbeat and inspiritional. It's reminiscient of their debut single "Wings" with the message of doing things for you, and not paying attention to the haters and people who criticize you. "Change Your Life" features an uplifting chorus with some great vocals from the girls. I also really love the verses, there's some awesome lyrics in there. But however, I don't think it's the strongest song they could have chosen for the third single - "Red Planet" or "Stereo Soldier" might have been better choices. But this is still a great song, and will be another hit for these talented ladies.

* * * * (Shorty)

Now onto their third single in over a year, Little Mix are starting to find their musical feet just as their preceding girl group greats did before them. A far more subdued cut than 'Wings' or 'DNA', the detached, wistful spoken intro on 'Change Your Life' is evocative of 'Never Ever' era All Saints, as are the tight-knit harmonies on a chorus En Vogue would kill for. It is thus an uplifting, youthful joy to listen to.

* * * * (Alex MacGregor)

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