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Released: 11th February 2013.

Rita Ora - RadioactiveRita Ora releases the fourth single from her debut Album as the New Year is in full swing. In comparison to the previous singles released from "ORA" this has to be her most radio friendly release since her debut last year. While the song isn't anything ground breaking, there is no reason why this can't comfortably hit the UK top 20. However, with her last single reaching a disappointing #10 in the UK charts it seems this song has its work cut out for it. While its a substantially weaker track than the first two singles, it is better than "Shine Ya Light" with its pulsing dance beats and Rita's breathtaking vocals. The hooks take the song to a dancey and enjoyable level meaning it will be played in the clubs and on the radio. A great choice as a single but if it had come earlier, interest in it would have been greater; instead it is designated the forgotten fourth single name tag. Overall a solid effort

* * * (SG1401)

The success over the last 12 months of Rita Ora has been something that's been lost on me. Nor is it likely to magically click into place now with the latest single and title track of her debut album, which essentially is like every single Rihanna has done for the last three years but with a far more downmarket production behind it. It'll certainly be a hit, that can't be disputed. Whether she lasts past a second album keeping up a sound this anodyne is quite another thing.

* (Alex MacGregor)

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