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Released: 10th March 2013.

Olly Murs - Army of TwoThe slow and steady progression of Olly Murs into one of UK pop's best male solo artists since his shaky, nerve ridden X Factor days has been something of a heart warming delight to watch. And the story of everyone's favourite Essex boy - fresh from hitting the Billboard Hot 100 in America with his last UK number 1 hit 'Troublemaker' - rolls on this week with 'Army of Two', the rousing, tribal opening number from the 'Right Place Right Time' album that is also a sweet, sincere tribute to his fans. Who said losers came last with hits like these?

* * * * * (Alex MacGregor)

Since his second place finish on X-Factor in 2009, Olly's been churning out hit after hit, four of which have managed to race all the way to the top of the UK charts. How does his latest release stack up though?

Coming off of a recent #1 smash in "Troublemaker", Olly doesn't break any new ground with "Army of Two". As is the case with most of his singles, it's very light-hearted, and is an easy sing-along jam with a catchy chorus and smooth melody with a bit of dramatic flair in certain parts. The lyrics are slightly above average for him but he definitely won't draw in any new fans with this release. I suppose there's no need for him to as this has all the ingredients to be yet another Top 10 hit for Olly.

* * * * (JSparksFan)

Talk about a success story, Olly has managed to do what very few reality TV competitors have done and stay relevant on the music scene. It's a testament to the man that he's still churning out successful hits. This track should be no different to that.

"Army Of Two" is basically your standard Olly Murs track. It's got a fairly good beat, some catchy vocals and is light-hearted. It's just a very inoffensive song, but nothing new. It sounds like any other song he's released and, though it will gain him no new fans, it is sure to be another hit for him. It would be nice to see him do something a little bit different though.

Still a good song!

* * * * (Spartan)

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