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Released: 17th March 2013.

Pink - Just Give Me A ReasonI have never considered myself a huge P!nk fan, but her latest few efforts really blew me away, most notably her latest abum "The Truth About Love".

Hot on the heels of the fantastic, acrobatically fueled "Try" comes this third single, the power duet "Just GIve Me A Reason" - her strongest track yet. P!nk shares vocal duties with Fun.-lead singer Nate Ruess on an emotional rollercoaster about a relationship that threatens to end due to insecurity.

With thoughtful lyrics that anyone can relate to ("We're not broken, just bent"), a melody that sticks in your head from the first moment, an amazing vocal performance by both singers and a terrific live showcase that drew even more attention than the actual video, this song comes very close to pop perfection.

P!nk, you convinced me.

* * * * * (Saruman_78)

P!nk's had a fairly successful era with "The Truth About Love" and in an attempt to keep the momentum going, she releases the third single from the album, a collaboration with fun.'s Nate Ruess, "Just Give Me A Reason".

P!nk has a knack for releasing quality ballads and "Just Give Me a Reason" is certainly solid. Lyrically, she's done better and vocally, it's nothing jaw-dropping but the tenderness of her vocals in certain parts, particularly in the beginning, is definitely a welcome change from her typical aggressive delivery and Nate's vocals mesh well with her own.

The lyric, "We're not broken, just bent" definitely strikes an immediate chord with listeners and on paper, this song really should be a runaway smash but it doesn't pack quite the punch that her best ballads have in the past so while a pleasant listen, this song is far from extraordinary. It's good enough for radio though and certainly strong enough to be yet another hit for her in the UK and worldwide.

* * * * (JSparksFan)

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