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Released: 18th February 2013.

Alicia Keys - Brand New MeIt could be argued that Alicia Keys is the best ballad singer of her generation, she is renowned for her piano driven balladry and meaningful lyrics. Brand New Me delivers a message of empowerment and independence, and is absolutely one of the parent album's highlights. I think everyone should be ready to embrace themselves a little bit more when listening to this, as Alicia conveys strong emotion through her confident vocals and makes the listener feel the lyrics as though it is their own life that she is singing about. As the UK chart continues to be inundated with electro-dance-pop music, this could be a welcome break for the more discerning listener.

* * * * * (Wayne)

Alicia Keys has carved for herself quite the respectable career with her signature soulful vocals backed by hauntingly beautiful piano music. Some critics may argue that "Brand New Me" follows this formulaic approach and that Keys is becoming redundant with her craft, however, there's no denying the quality of this second single. It's a lot more understated than its predecessor but packs just as much a wallop. The lyrics are so masterfully penned and Alicia's delicate delivery coupled with the soothing instrumental brings such life to this tender ballad. It's sure to leave quite the impression on listeners and add its name to the ever-growing roster of fabulous ballads from this R&B superstar.

* * * * (JSparksFan)

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