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Released: 28th November 2012.'s solo career could be considered by many as hit & miss; it is not until recently that his solo material has shined as the music he previously released has been quite average. With the first single from the album becoming a less than stellar success around the world and then the catchy "This is Love" becoming one of the summers biggest anthems, all eyes were on Will to come up with a third single that would keep the listeners interested. Enter Britney Spears. Its safe to say Will has worked with many of Pop music's best acts and he had even worked with Spears on her 2011 studio album "Femme Fatale". However with their previous collaboration not meeting my personal expectations, I admittedly had my reservations with the news of the two acts collaborating again. The song itself doesn't quite hook you on first listen, and you're left thinking "is that it?" However, after a few more listens the song starts to grow on you and the pulsating hooks that will indefinitely grind around in your head for months to come help make this song one of the best pop songs of 2012/13. Spears' British accent is a personal highlight and's sampling of one of pop cultures unforgettable taglines "it's Britney bitch" is genius. Whilst the song wont change the face of electronic music, its a great club anthem that will see out the year, and a song that most dance-pop fans should enjoy.

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