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Released: 19th February 2013.

Mariah Carey - Almost HomeIn recent years Mariah Carey has received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike for her material. The charts haven't been kind to her since her last US top 10 hit in 2009. But now just before the release of her yet untitled 14th studio album, Mariah was given the chance to co-write and co-produce the end title song for the Disney motion picture 'Oz the Great and Powerful' and she has delivered her freshest, most radio friendly Pop song for years answering the prayers of her fans to use her full voice and work with current producers, in this case Stargate.

The song, while it remains true to the Disney ideology, could easily fit right at "home" on the radio. It builds up to a very simple, yet infectious chorus with Carey's signature vocals soaring as she adds her R&B style to the bridge before a key change where Mariah shows that her voice is still as good and as powerful as ever. The production is clean and crisp and the beat is hypnotic. Even though this is a Disney soundtrack song and Mariah might be over 40 which could result in her being frozen out by US radio, this is definitely Mariah's best chance at a worldwide hit since "We Belong Together" and a unique chance to remind the world of her legendary status and voice.

* * * * * (Eamon)

Mariah Carey is the most successful female artist in Billboard chart history - she is a bonafide living legend of music, and as close to music royalty as you can possibly get. So when she releases a new single, it makes ripples; major ripples! A 30 second snippet of this track - which is linked to a new Disney movie called Oz The Great and Powerful - has been listened to over 125,000 times in a matter of days on SoundCloud.

Now, the full track has received its first airing, and consequently, its time to ask the big questions - is it any good? Was it worth the wait? How good is her voice? The answers are yes, yes, and exceptional.

What we get from Mariah with Almost Home is arguably her best vocals since her 2005 comeback, and one of the most listenable tracks of the year so far; the lyrics fit the Disney image perfectly, and her voice soars and soars until she reaches a glass-shattering climax. A beautiful pop ballad that delivers on every level.

This is mature Mariah - it is classic Mariah, in her most emancipated form; her brand new album is due for release later this year, and if the rest of the album is as good as this, she just might rule 2013.

* * * * * (Wayne)

One of the best-selling female artists of all-time, Mariah Carey always causes a stir when she releases some new material but this time around, the buzz is largely positive and deservedly so.

After last year's polarizing "Triumphant (Get 'Em)", Mariah abandons the rappers and pre-Medieval beat to record the theme song for the Disney remake of the legendary classic, "Oz the Great and Powerful" to be released next month. It's easily her most radio-friendly song since 2009's "Obsessed". As per usual for a Carey ballad, the lyrics are well-written, the melodies are lush, but it's her vocals that are the highlight of the song as she displays that legendary multi-octave range that has cemented her place among the all-time greatest singers. The song's a builder, gradually rising to its climax at the very end where Mariah's belts sound as effortless as they are powerful.

Mariah's in fine vocal form and if this song serves as any indication as what's to come on her fourteenth studio length album scheduled to be released later this year, fans better gear themselves up for another "The Emancipation of Mimi"-sized era.

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

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