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Released: 1st February 2013.

Disclosure - White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge)What do you get when you put two duo's in the studio together? The answer is quite simply, a sensational song.

White Noise is unique in its ability to sound quite alternative and mainstream in equal amounts; it isn't quite a house song, but also isn't the typical dance fare that you'd come to expect from a top 3 UK chart hit. Its sound inspires instant comparisons to the early 90's dance fever that was rampant in the UK charts for about half a decade. Its an immaculately produced song, with some excellent vocals from Aluna! It has a killer beat that will penetrate many a club playlist in 2013, I'm sure.

I expect big things from both acts, following this - definitely the best song of 2013 so far.

* * * * * (Wayne)

This release is available for download only.

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