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Released: 18th March 2013.

The Saturdays - What About UsDuring a year long break from the UK music scene, The Saturdays have ventured into deeper waters across the pond - something that previous girl groups haven't dared do. In order to conquer the States, the band needed something niche and marketable to make an impression. Enter "What About Us".

The song keeps in line with their most recent material and is an electro-pop number that boasts an infectious beat. The song includes a rather pointless contribution from Sean Paul, who adds nothing to the song. The infectious 'na na na na na na na' is one of the true highlights of the song, along with Rochelle's dialect in the opening verse. Though the vocals are solid, the song's downfall lies in its genericness.

Though this song is not the best The Saturdays have to offer, it's still a fairly catchy pop number. Unfortunately I can't see this being their breakthrough hit in the US, and achieving nothing more than moderate success in the UK. The Saturdays succeed more as a band when they stick to what they do best: pure, unadulterated pop.

* * * * (Spartan)

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