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Released: 11th March 2013.

Robbie Williams - Be A BoyThe third single from his "Take The Crown" album, "Be A Boy" is a delightful number that should have been released as the lead single. This song is definitely the sound which suits Robbie best.

It's a mid-tempo pop track with a sing-a-long, anthemic chorus. But what makes this song better than your standard Robbie song is that is has joyous infusions of saxophone combined with an electro-beat. The other stand-out moment of the song is the middle 8 which you can't help but sing along to.

Though I can't see this song making an impact on the charts, it's a solid effort from Robbie for a third single. "Be A Boy" is everything one would expect from a Robbie track.

* * * * * (Spartan)

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