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Released: 24th February 2013.

Demi Lovato - Heart AttackGearing up for the release of her yet-to-be-titled forthcoming record, Demi Lovato releases this monster of a ballad as the forerunner. The introductory beats would have you believe this to be a standard Pop song but after a few questionable, eyebrow-raising lyrical choices in the first verse, Demi roars her way through the chorus, again setting herself apart from her Disney contemporaries with her tremendous vocals. She uses the full extent of her maturing range as she powers through the bridge, smashing down on the gas pedal toward the end, almost wailing when she roars "And I burst into flames!"

The comparisons to Kelly Clarkson are well warranted here and though it's pretty much the sequel to "Give Your Heart A Break", the end product is so terrific that you'll be praying it's a trilogy set. Easily the best song of 2013 so far and if this banger is any indication of what's yet to come on her fourth LP, her peers had better proceed with "putting (their) defenses up".

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

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