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Released: 22nd April 2013.

Rihanna - Pour It UpAfter releasing the poignant ballad "Stay", it's back to basics for Rihanna as she returns to familiar territory with club anthem, "Pour It Up".

And what an anthem it is! Lyrically, it's even lazier material than we've come to expect from the Bajan native but the "Still got my money" hook is lethal, piercing its way into your subconscious until, before you know it, you're bopping along to the beat. Over an understated Hip/Hop beat, Rihanna brags about her wealth, even taking a moment to give the haters a shout-out ("Who cares how you haters feel?") before reverting back to the topic at hand: money.

At its core, this is really a fun, easy-to-listen-to jam, perfect for a night at the club after a particularly hard week of working and while this release certainly won't win her any new fans, it'll appease her key demographic and is likely to be a massive hit. And if you don't like it? Well, it's all good; she's still got her money.

* * * * (JSparksFan)

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