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Released: 14th March 2013.

Bonnie Tyler - Believe In MeSufficient is it to say, that the once powerful UK has suffered in recent years, in the Eurovision Song Contest; with each passing year, we crown a new savior through our tedious selection process. Our only recent glimmer of hope came courtesy of Jade Ewen with Its My Time.

We now call upon the services of 80's chart topper, Bonnie Tyler. As with last year, and the year previous, and the year previous to that [you get the point, right?] we are relying on an established name to do us justice. There was a time when this would have served us well, but what with the block-voting that goes on these days, and the general camp nature of the contest, I'm not sure that Bonnie's song is the right choice.

With all of the above said, I really cannot fault the song itself, so it's going to be sad to see the song perform so badly, which ultimately it almost certainly will. Its quite blissful with a smooth vocal delivery and some pretty nice lyrics. Just generally a good song.

Englebert Humperdink was vilified last year for performing so badly, and unfortunately - albeit with an inferior song - Bonnie will probably suffer the same fate.

* * * * (Wayne)

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