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Released: 30th September 2002.

When launching a new show to replace "Live And Kicking", BBC talent looked for people with "the personality of Robbie Williams, the musical ability of Fran Healy from Travis or the voice of Dido". These are the people they came up with. "The Saturday Show" never did manage to compete with its ITV rival SM:TV, but now the show's own band, Stamford Amp, release their debut single. It's somewhere between pop and rock - slightly more rocky than Busted, but with just as much cheeky charm. Support on music TV has been strong, so that, coupled with the show's hype itself, should see Stamford Amp at least inside the Top 20.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

Guy, David, Chris, Mark and Tim are a quintet whose lucky break came when they won a competition to be the "in-house band" for the BBC's "The Saturday Show". A year later, they're releasing their debut single. They're going down the "boy band who play their own instruments" route, which isn't really very original or exciting anymore. I don't think this project is likely to be a success, though their debut single "Anything For You" is a catchy guitar pop ditty. Whether they will become the next big thing remains to be seen.

* * * (Ben Cook)

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