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Released: 21st October 2013.

Taylor Swift - Sweeter Than FictionRecorded for British film 'One Chance', "Sweeter Than Fiction", penned by Swift and Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff, is, as the title suggests, sweet. The song narrates yet another happy ending, but this time, as opposed to it being another love story in her endless collection, the song speaks of a close friend who overcomes different hurdles in his life and triumphs against the circumstances. It's a lovely story, but as there's no hook to resonate with listeners, this one falls flat and is, unfortunately, forgettable.

Credit is to be given for Taylor's attempt at expanding her genre repertoire as "Sweeter Than Fiction" contains some surprising light rock influences coupled with the more expected bubblegum pop elements, but she's done so much better in the past that one can't help but compare this to her previous work and realize it doesn't quite stack up. Better luck next time, T-Swizzle.

* * * (JSparksFan)

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