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Released: 30th September 2002.

From what I can gather, this is the Australian version of Jordan releasing one of the trashiest Euro-pop songs I've ever heard. This lady has absolutely no musical talent at all, with dreadfully out of tune vocals (and that's with major help from a computer!) and lyrics that would make even DJ Otzi cringe. Finally, I know these reviews are all about the music but may I just add that though the body is top notch, she's got a face that's perfect for radio!

* (CJB)

How many times can I say the word "awful" in one review? With a weak, cheesy Euro-pop sound at its worst, it's not just the music that's bad in this song - Jamie West has no singing ability whatsoever. To try and hide the problem, the video has her wearing several different skimpy outfits, each of which highlight her huge... er, eyes. In summary, this song is awful, awful, awful, awful, awful...

* (Amir)

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