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Released: 11th November 2013.

Mariah Carey - The Art of Letting GoThe second single release from the long overdue 'The Art of Letting Go' project, title track "The Art of Letting Go" finds Carey in much the same vein as we first met her in her glory days of the 90s.

Old-school balladry is what Carey does best and she returns to that niche with this classically flavoured, orchestral concoction. The ride's not entirely smooth, though. There are some potholes with the lyricism and shoddy phrasing and the first half of the tune is almost unbearably slow. It picks up in the homestretch as the Songbird Supreme takes listeners to church with her soulful climax, but for many it may be too little too late.

All in all, it's a pass for Mariah here. Perhaps she should have polished the track, omitting some of the more cringe-worthy lyrical choices (the "Press delete" lyric being the most glaring) before letting it go, but this track serves to further whet the appetite of fans for her postponed February release, one we hope is armed with some stronger jams than this.

* * * (JSparksFan)

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