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Released: 7th October 2013.

Miley Cyrus - BangerzThe fourth studio album from American pop star Miley Cyrus is 'Bangerz', where she effectively sheds all remnants of her Disney affiliation and moves toward a more adult, mature, and, well, ratchet sound.

The album opens, quite shockingly, with a love ballad in the form of the gorgeous "Adore You". She quickly transitions to party hostess with bangers like "SMS (Bangerz)", featuring the pop princess herself Britney Spears, the country-influenced, Nelly-featured "4x4", and, of course, the worldwide smash hit "We Can't Stop" that impresses with its masterful fusion of pop, dance, and R&B. "Do My Thang" is another quality uptempo offering, which features Miley taking a swing at rapping.

Vocals are most definitely a highlight here and Miley shows off her pipes like never before on tracks like the passionately furious "FU", the heartbreaking "Someone Else", and the album's unquestionable gem, "Wrecking Ball", which is fittingly anchored in the middle of the show.

Of course, it's not a bump-less ride as we do encounter some molehills with the dreary and monotonous "My Darlin'" and the mindless, annoying "Love Money Party", but as underwhelming as they might be, the pair prove not to be fatal.

All in all, this is a solid, if not slightly flawed, record. Miley's clearly experimenting with new sounds and styles and some clearly work better than others, but her transition to viable adult pop star is now officially complete.

* * * * (JSparksFan)

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