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Released: 18th November 2013.

Imagine Dragons - On Top of the WorldThe third single from Imagine Dragons's debut album 'Night Visions', "On Top of the World" expresses a positive message unlike other songs from its parent album.

"On Top of the World" traverses new territory for those familiar with the band's previous singles. The uplifting lyrics, blended with genres such as reggae fusion, alternative rock and folk rock, create a feel-good anthem bursting with energy and optimism. A truly first-class song, this just may be the best work by Imagine Dragons yet. The music video - inspired by the the alleged fake Apollo moon landings - is also worth a watch.

So far the song has done relatively well worldwide, but as its release in North America is still fairly recent, radio has yet to hop on-board the "On Top of the World" bandwagon. However, whether or not radio supports this, Imagine Dragons have delivered another fine single and the quality, if nothing else, should be appreciated.

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