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Released: 20th April 1993.

Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love GoesThe lead single that preceded Janet Jackson's best-selling album, 'janet.', as well as one of the most successful and influential R&B staples of the '90s, "That's the Way Love Goes" makes excellent use of Janet's sensual, delicate vocals.

Aided by a simple yet addictive beat, which seamlessly fuses R&B, pop, and downtempo elements, "That's the Way Love Goes" is one of those timeless classics that sounds just as fresh today as it did some 20 plus years ago. Its clever "Like a moth to a flame burned by the fire" hook makes an indelible imprint in the listener's brain and the rest of the song does well to entrance and seduce the ears.

A hallmark achievement in urban contemporary music of the '90s, "That's the Way Love Goes" transports music lovers to the golden age of R&B music that produced evergreens such as this gem to reminisce of times when R&B music, now an almost comatose genre on mainstream charts, ruled the airwaves and dominated music channels.

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