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Released: 13th May 2014.

Mariah Carey - ThirstyAfter several attempts to find the appropriate single after the hit that was "#Beautiful", Mariah strikes gold with "Thirsty". Carey's latest single is a catchy banger that adapts American colloquialisms to deliver one of the sassiest urban tracks since her own 2009 hit, "Obsessed." Produced by Hit-Boy, "Thirsty" contains the proper elements to be a hit. The infectious hook and the sing-songy bridge are memorable enough to become phrases that your friends will be whispering behind the backs of your other friends this summer. Unless, of course, the thirsty one in your group is you.

*Written in May 2014 before the unfortunate turn of events that squashed this song's chances of success*

* * * * * (ANH)

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