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Released: 5th May 2014.

Anastacia - ResurrectionAfter a recent double mastectomy, Anastacia makes a triumphant return with her most solid piece of work in roughly a decade. Much of the aptly titled 'Resurrection' revisits the distinctive 'sprock' sound of her eponymous third album in a move which creates a familiar sound without being predictable.

The opening track "Staring at the Sun" begins with an unusual soft vocal before booming into a dominant chorus that delivers Anastacia's trademark cavernous howl. The song mixes relationship problems with an infectious hook that harkens back to the singer's glory days in pop.

However, do not be fooled as this is not a generic 'man-hater' album. "Lifeline" touches new ground for the singer with an ambiguous plot that details murder and regret in a hauntingly beautiful ballad that soars both in emotion and vocals. Moving onto a lighter note, the self-reflective "Stupid Little Things" showcases Anastacia's resonant mid-range in a confident pop-rock anthem that is an album highlight.

Unfortunately, the bland "I Don't Want to be the One" is too vocally refined and melodically dull to keep the momentum going. The quality, however, picks up with "Pendulum", which begins as a gospel infused ballad before transforming into a bright and optimistic pop number which chronicles the singer's divorce.

"Evolution" is a mid-tempo track that is reminiscent of the sunny acceptance of classic Anastacia tracks such as "Welcome to My Truth", although it doesn't pack quite the same punch that many of her older self acceptance songs achieved.

Next on the album is the indomitable and tear-jerking "Stay". Its delicate vocals detail Anastacia's initial thoughts about her cancer diagnosis of 2013. The heart-warming piece illuminates the softer side of the singer's voice in a moving and tender song which is arguably one of the most mature ballads Anastacia has written.

"Dark White Girl" changes the pace in an up-tempo song that trades optimism for realism as we are informed about the pop star's flaws. The lyrics are interesting, the vocals are solid and the song is overall great. "Apology" is equally as good, once again displaying Anastacia's more silky sound in a vocal decision which seems to be a dominant but interesting trend on this record. This softer side continues on the closing track "Broken Wings" which discusses the singer's recovery from multiple cancer procedures in another lyrically solid song. The piece also references her 2004 song "Heavy on My Heart", a track that highlighted Anastacia's first cancer battle.

The deluxe version contains four extra tracks including a reworking of "Left Outside Alone"; however, the new version removes the venom and passion that made the original so special and the effort ultimately falls flat. The three other tracks fare much better and it is puzzling why they weren't included on the standard version. "Oncoming Train" has a James Bond theme running through it, which works well with Anastacia's soulful delivery while "Otherside of Crazy" is farcically ridiculous in the best imaginable way. The best of the deluxe tracks, however, is the title track "Ressurection", which easily summarises the prevailing mood of much of this well made record - courageous, independent and powerful.

Overall Anastacia has created the perfect antidote to her failed 2008 'Heavy Rotation'. Her vocals remain just as defiant as they ever were and the singer has seamlessly picked up where her last 'sprock' album left off, marking a true return to form.

* * * * (Freakydeaky23)

Anastacia returns with her new album 'Resurrection' and it's a return to form for the songstress.

The album has a slower sound than most of her albums, but in this case that compliments the topic throughout the record. Anastacia fights the demons of the last few years in her songs and songs like "Staring at the Sun' and "Stay" are prime examples of that.

The album doesn't include any obvious singles beside maybe the lead single "Stupid Little Things", but the album itself is a strong effort that can only be praised.

* * * * (jesper)

Six years after her last studio album of original music, American "sprock" singer Anastacia returns with her personal 'Resurrection'.

You can hear her belting out the pain she has been through over the last two years on the album's opener "Staring at the Sun" and the lead single "Stupid Little Things". Unfortunately, the rest of the album is, unusual for Anastacia, very slow. Where are anthems like "Paid My Dues" or "Sick and Tired"? Where are the pure rock tracks like "Seasons Change"?

Anastacia describes her own style as "sprock": a mixture between soul, pop, and rock, but it seems like she has lost her pop and rock ingredients over the last few years.

* * (MrDiva)

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