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Released: 8th February 2014.

Katy B - Little RedKathleen Brien - better known by her stage name Katy B - burst unexpectedly onto the music scene in 2011 with her debut Top 5 hit "Katy on a Mission". After two further Top 10 singles, Katy's album shot to #2 on the UK album charts. She marked a new era for underground funky music and led to the rise of artists such as Jessie Ware and Disclosure.

Three years after her debut album, Katy returns to the charts with her sophomore effort 'Little Red'. Opening track "Next Thing" is an explosive club banger while "Aaliyah", from her 2012 collaboration with Jessie Ware, benefits from clever lyrics, catchy hooks and excellent production.

Lead single "5 AM" is essentially a slicker and more upbeat version of her first album's "Power on Me", resulting in a tune that you never grow tired of, while Top 5 hit "Crying for No Reason" is an epic dance ballad in which Katy's vocals soar effortlessly in the big-ballad chorus.

Some of Katy's new tracks are very subtle whereas others are slow burners. For example mid-tempo songs "Sapphire Blue" and "Tumbling Down" both have stunning middle 8s that allow Katy to show off her tremendous range and they sound better with every listen.

There is plenty of single material on the album including the heavy and dramatic "All My Lovin'", power ballad "Emotions", and the suitably poppy and emotional "Still".

So while 'Little Red' is a change from On a Mission's drum n' bass feel into more mature dance-pop, Katy B has managed to create an incredible album without compromising her sound.

* * * * * (Lovekatyb)

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