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Released: 16th June 2014.

Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A.Jennifer Lopez's eighth studio album is very much an urban affair. In fact, 'A.K.A.' sees the singer delivering her most R&B album since 2005's 'Rebirth'.

The album starts off with the T.I.-featured title track, with more urban swag than any of her last two previous releases, and the rest of the album follows suit. Other stand-outs include ballads "Never Satisfied" and "Acting like That" and the much talked about "Booty", all showcasing that J.Lo has certainly returned to her roots.

While the album is her most cohesive in ages, it does seem like a slow affair with most of the uptempo tracks appearing on the deluxe edition, meaning anyone who was a fan of 'Love?' is advised to stay clear. There also seems to be too much of the same kind of songs making up a 10-track album so the record feels like it lasts forever, much like the wait for, and build-up to, its release seemed.

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