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Released: 9th June 2014.

Ella Henderson - GhostThe debut single from X Factor's Ella Henderson is "Ghost", a sweeping ballad with an instantly infectious and memorable hook. Co-written by the 18 year-old, the track speaks of a lingering love that Ella is trying so desperately to shake. Her on-and-off love is making her an insomniac, troubling her spirit, and leading her to turn to religious consultation. The song builds to a chilling climax where Ella belts during the bridge, "Give up the ghost, stop the hunting baby", pleading with her love to finally release her from the hold he has on her.

The fact that an 18 year-old contributed to the penning of such a well-written ballad as well as the fact that her voice far belies her tender age only adds to the greatness of the song. It's a marvellous first effort from a very promising youngster. Here's to hoping that more musical magic is to come on her slated-for-September 'Chapter One' release.

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

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