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Released: 14th April 2014.

OneRepublic - Love Runs OutThe new single from One Republic emerges from the re-release of their third studio album 'Native'. According to Ryan Tedder, "Love Runs Out" was intended to be the first single from 'Native', but as there was no chorus for the song it couldn't be released.

The song can be described as "Rumour Has It" by Adele (also produced by Tedder) meets Kanye West's "Love Lockdown". Despite the minimal instrumentation, One Republic seem to have what it takes to make this song rocket in the charts. However, a superb song was not enough, so I dare the casual listener to take their eyes off the music video, which is extremely weird, but wonderful and colourful. It might just be their best video to the date.

Will the general public think this song was worth the wait though? The charts will tell.

* * * * (frrr)

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