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Released: 7th October 2002.

Sounding like Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, this rather saucy track is nothing new - it's more of the tried and tested R&B independent woman formula which has worked for many in the past. It may well seem catchy, but there's not quite enough actually here for it to become a big hit.

* * * (SholasBoy)

Trina teams up with one of the hottest stars of hip-hop, Tweet. The result, you'd expect, would be one of the hottest hip-hop tunes of the year, but unfortunately "No Panties" doesn't quite make the grade. Though catchy, it's also annoyingly repetitive, as well as extremely short at under three minutes. In addition, the production is average, while the less said about the lyrics, the better. Having said that, the the track is far from awful, and fans of the 'diamond princess' are likely to be delighted with this latest offering.

* * (DS)

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