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Released: 16th March 2015.

Marina and the Diamonds - FROOTIt's fair to say Marina Diamandis's career hasn’t been the smoothest ride. Her last studio album, ‘Electra Heart’ debuted at #1 on the UK Albums chart back in 2012, but still ended up as somewhat of a commercial failure. Also, while the album managed to give Marina the international exposure she needed and left fans satisfied, it left the general public and critics scratching their heads as she hid behind a persona to sing her brand of indie pop songs.

This time around we see Marina taking centre stage with third studio album 'FROOT', with a stylistic blend of the quirkiness from her debut paired seamlessly with the sophistication that 'Electra Heart' offered. Diamandis wrote all 12 songs of the album by herself, coupled with one producer for the whole album. While this normally subjects an album to redundant melodies, on FROOT each song stands on its own.

Marina also includes more thought-provoking song topics as demonstrated on "Immortal", "Savages", and "Can’t Pin Me Down", but she isn't without a few radio friendly tracks as evidenced by "Blue", "Happy" and "Weeds". However, it’s the sassy, disco title track that really is the stand-out, which is infectious enough to take over the radio airwaves this summer if given the right push.

The album stands as a body of work that could win over even Marina's staunch critics, and if Marina has proven anything with this album, it's that you can still make a compelling pop record without compromising your integrity.

* * * * (SG1401)

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