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Released: 20th April 2015.

Adam Lambert - Ghost TownThe first single lifted from Lambert's upcoming studio album, 'The Original High', "Ghost Town" features a mellow, dark backdrop, highlighted by comforting whistles in the chorus. The first two and a half minutes are soothing and don't quite prepare you for the explosion that is the bridge. It's there that the former American Idol alum displays some of the vocal chops that won him the hearts of millions worldwide, but the song never takes you to the heights which we know Lambert is capable of, instead powering down towards the end.

Whilst the structure of the song doesn't make for an immediate grabber, the pensive lyrics do hook the listener somewhere around play #3, so hopefully this grower of a song connects with a large-scale audience, or, at the very least, reignites interest in the pop star after his three-year-long break from the music scene.

* * * * (JSparksFan)

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