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Released: 23rd March 2015.

Kelly Clarkson - Piece by PieceKelly is back with her seventh studio album, 'Piece by Piece'. 'Piece by Piece' opens with the first single "Heartbeat Song". The following tracks ("Invincible", "Someone", and "Tightrope") are slower than her first single, but her vocals are better than ever. The Sia-written songs, "Invincible and "Let Your Tears Fall", are two highlights, along with the John Legend duet "Run Run Run".

In the second half of the album, we get to hear more dance/retro songs like "Nostalgic" and "War Paint". A highlight for her fans is the retro sound of "Dance with Me". The deluxe edition includes three bonus tracks, which are each very strong. The best of the three is "In the Blue", which should have been allotted a slot in the standard edition.

Overall, this is a solid effort from Clarkson. It's possibly her poppiest album since 'Breakway' and certainly one of the finest releases in her career to date.

* * * * (GypsyHeart)

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